Embrace your boobs

Today I experienced the epitome of a booby nightmare. They popped. My boobs popped. Ok, let’s not be graphic here – not my actual boobs but the buttons of my jumpsuit by my boobs.

I put the jumpsuit on this morning – next thing I know there’s a button on the floor. I thanked God it was an irrelevant button – you know, the ones where you can’t peek through to find flesh.

But then….

As I was walking from the train station to work POP. Yes, a pop of a button but in the wrong place (and definitely at the wrong time).The boob place. My bra was on full display.

That’s not all. After finally getting a safety pin to cover up my fashion faux pas, I went to the toilet. POP. You got it…another button on the floor.

If it weren’t for the safety pins I might as well have gone into work in a bra and jeans. Sexy but stylish, eh?

So anyway, if you ever happen to experience a button-popping conundrum here are my tips to survive:

1. Don’t panic – trust me, panicking will just draw attention to the breast area (I learnt this in my flustered state).

2. If a safety pin doesn’t work, use a paperclip. No, it’s not stylish but it will do – I thank my editor at Now for this tip.

3. Safety pins work. If it weren’t for safety pins I really would’ve had a disaster. BUT be careful you don’t prick yourself when using them (like I did…twice).

4. If you’re feeling slightly slutty and risqué then embrace the pop!


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