A monocolour yellow

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So, today I styled a shoot for the first time…and I loved it!

The theme was monocolour, so my model had to dress in the same colour from top to toe.

I started by exploring different, monocolour fashion editorials in high-fashion magazines like Vogue, Elle and Vanity Fair and noticed how important structure, movement and silhouette is when styling a model in only one colour.

I decided to mix movement and structure with the 70s and really wanted to bring the vibrant, partying culture of the 70s through on set by using a popping colour. I decided on yellow.

My model looked FAB.

She kicked her legs around and let the pleats of her pants dance, while her top-half was structured and ordered.

Outfit list:

Trousers: Zara

Top: Whistles 

Jacket: Zara

Shoes: Acne

Bag: Zara

Scarf: Zara

Necklace: Topshop

Bangle: Bangle

Scarf: Zara

Sunglasses: ASOS

All in all I had a ball (excuse the rhyming!).

Professional pictures are coming soon – I can’t wait!


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