I hate trainers. I think they are so “unsophisticated” – frumpy Nikes, unflattering Pumas. No, not for me. I can’t deal with the messiness sneaker laces provide and the way their sole is always so clumpy and masculine (yes, I just made a shoe masculine – shoot me feminists). So, as you can tell, I am an avid trainer hater, despite the UNBELIEVABLE comfort they provide.

I feel sorry for myself because trainers are a thing at the moment – Chanel is loving ’em – but even though Mr Lagerfeld approves, I certainly do not. I can’t get into them.

But that was until sneakers entered my life – thank you God for providing me a platform (of about 2 inches) of comfort and style in one…

Sneakers are awesome. You can wear them without socks, they fit so perfectly to your feet and they’re look great on…wear them casual or smart, with a skirt or jeans, in a tracksuit or in your underwear…

‘In your underwear?!’ I hear you exclaim. Yes, in your underwear.

Sneakers are sexy!

You know men love that laid-back ‘she don’t care’ kind of thing? Well, sneakers have that all under wraps. They’re comfort allows you to stroll around in confidence and pairing them with some tight skinnies and red lippy (while sporting racy undies) will prove to any man that you don’t need to be on cloud nine in order to feel your very best.

photo 1


…And that’s why my new Zara numbers will be by my side this season.

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