Black and Asian Girls – Strut Your Stuff

So, earlier this week it became publicised that Miss Naomi Campbell gave Queen Victoria Beckham a phone call due to Mrs B not having enough black models on her catwalk. I imagine it went something like this…

“Viccy, darling, I have a minor complaint to make.”

“Oh hey NaNa, what’s up doll?”

“Well, in all honesty, you are racist – you had one black model on your catwalk out of 30.”

“I’m not a racist, how dare you?!”

“Honey, I’m only speaking the truth.”

“Please…this is such rubbish. I’m going to go and make Harper dinner. Bi.”

Ok ok, it probably didn’t go anything like that. I’m sure Naomi stood her ground extremely well (when doesn’t she) and I’m sure Victoria got David to make dinner.

In my opinion, there is a lack of black and Asian, models on the catwalk. This year at New York Fashion Week (the holiest week of the year) only six per cent of models were black and nine per cent were Asian. This is evidently an extremely low statistic, but whether this was done purposely by the designers is questionable. Although I believe there should be more black and Asian models on the catwalk, I personally don’t think that designers use mainly white models in a ‘racist’ way. To be even more honest, I think the word ‘racist’ has sooooo many different definitions associated with it that sometimes the tiniest thing can be seen as a racist attack…but we can save that for another time.

Obviously I’m not part of any brand associated with racist attacks (including Calvin Klein, Chanel, Armani and Gucci) and so I do not know what goes on behind the scenes. However, from my position of glaring at fashion blogs and magazines, I note a lack of diversity within the modelling industry. Diversity adds ‘freshness’ to a brand – it opens the company up to a wider audience and shows a certain edge to the brand. It’s actually quite sad to say this, but the brands that encourage diversity within the models are actually the most innovative (in my opinion anyway). Perhaps this is because seeing a mix within the models is something that isn’t shown very often. Or perhaps it’s because the mix makes the brand stand out. Each of these reasons still counts to be quite shocking – I mean, how incredible is it that a brand stands out simply because they are encouraging diversity?! We live in a crazzzzzzy world.

Anyway, as I was saying, I do not believe for one second that these brands are racist. Unless the designers come out with a completely unacceptable, vulgar statement then what makes them racist other than the fact they predominantly use white models? Excuse me if you think I am being naïve. John Galliano – TOTAL racist, anti-Semite and idiot…that’s pure racism and I’m sure his brands were racist because he was the screwed up brain behind the designs and the management. Same with Tommy Hilfiger…a designer who totally deserves zilch. But, Victoria Beckham – how can she be seen as racist? She had a black girl modelling her designs…how is that discriminatory? Sure, she could have had more but maybe she was content with the models she had? Galliano = purposeful, Beckham = most definitely not. Naomi, my darling, we know you like to rant and think you are the bees knees but sometimes you need to look deeper into the situation and not accuse (sorry guys I know my opinion counts as an uneducated, outsiders opinion).

Black and Asian models are beautiful. White models are also beautiful. It would be great if there was less racism in the fashion industry, but it needs to be considered that fashion isn’t the only racist industry. Racism is a terrible part of life and unfortunately is everywhere. Yet, I believe these black and Asian models can stand up TALL (literally, models are like 6ft anyway) and work their faces of art despite the shit they go through with COMPLETE STUPID ANNOYING GRRRR’S such as the Galliano monster himself.