I LOVE RAINBOWS…I Swear I’m Normal

After two harsh days of suffering from the sniffles, I have finally recovered and am in one piece (you can de-stress yourselves now – Sash is back). Feeling ill made me feel as thoughI was seeing everything in black and white. Sounds silly, I know…but hear me out. I felt so crappy that I didn’t feel, nor see, the beauty or excitement within anything. My life felt so disturbingly simple and banal for two-days. I sound like I’m suffering from depression, but don’t worry, I’m not. You may be thinking “Jheez what the hell is this post going to be about?!” Well, it’s going to be about colour, dur.

Colour is an incredible thing:

  • It adds another dimension to an object.
  • It makes something exciting.
  • It creates patterns.
  • It adds ‘oomph’ to a situation (yeah, I’m back to speaking my own language).
  • It reflects diversity, especially between different cultures.


Cut the immaturity and back to writing.

Colour is the one thing fashion nails on the head. In fashion photography, especially, the artist/editor sets the mood through the colour. Bright colours create an exhilarating effect, whereas pastel colours generate a more seductive mood – photography uses colour in order to set the tone for the viewer…colour = a guide as to what the audience should feel whilst analysing the image. What’s more is that the different colours used in magazines help establish the kind of publication it is. Par example…Vogue’s title is normally written in black. This shown sophistication, elegance, maturity. Yet, when you compare this to HELLO!, whose title is written in red, you can tell that this magazine is going to be more fun, youthful and informal. COLOUR IS SO INCREDIBLY VITAL TO MAGAZINES. Literally, if colour didn’t exist, magazines would be screwed. Nobody would be able to distinguish between the type of publication, nor what the audience know how they are meant to feel, or what the image is meant to depict.

So…what about black and white?

Three words come to mind when I think of black and white imagery. Mystery. Secrecy. Thrilling.

Black and white images are so captivating. Especially in fashion photography. The lack of colour creates a barrier between the viewer and the object – taking the colour out means the image becomes harder for a person to comprehend with. Yet, something about this is so intoxicating. The excitement of not knowing about the object makes us want to know more! Talk about reverse psychology…

I definitely think fashion needs to be praised in its use of colour. To me, colour is the most important thing in fashion. It is important in photography, design, clothing, blogs…it adds something to every aspect of the industry. Colour also leads fashion in different directions – if fashion wants to be sexy, it will go for smokey colours…but if fashion chooses to be in-your-face, it will go for wacky tones. COLOUR RULES. WE LOVE COLOUR. RAINBOWS ARE FAB.

This ex-illness has definitely made me psycho. I apologise.