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Yes, I am an Ashamed Snob.

Prepare yourself for one of my rants and please excuse the poor writing – I speak my mind…literally.

You see, since I’ve started interning at Now magazine I’ve had a sneak-peek insight into different aspects of fashion and, well, I have weird opinions about the most irrelevant things. But they’re pretty relevant to me, I am thinking about them after all.

So, rant #2 since starting Now:

I’ve been to one, two, three…five (yes five) press releases now at:

  • Coast
  • French Connection 
  • Motel
  • Office
  • Debenhams

(Gosh, next seasons collections are to die for!!!)

I’ve always thought of these labels as “cheap” – boy was I wrong. In an admittedly snobbish way, I have shunned these labels because to me they seemed tacky. I sound like a pompous idiot, but it’s true. Because of the way these brands are advertised and because of the magazines they are promoted in, I have never thought of them as fashionable. I don’t know about any of my FABULOUS readers, but when I see a fashion label and it doesn’t look elegant or sophisticated, my automatic (and unintentional) though is…what utter crap.

Man, am I ashamed of myself!

The collections were beautiful, with stunning textures and pastel colours – everything was to die for. I never thought I would see myself type ooo I really would love that dress from Coast – but now I am typing it and it’s true. Maybe it’s the way the clothes and accessories are presented at these releases, maybe that’s what makes the clothing more attractive. I don’t know. But something in the way the clothes were presented made them stand-out in such a stunning way. 


I swear I’m not writing a love poem here. I am simply expressing my shock.

So now I have my multiple vouchers for these fab labels, I’m going to go and do a bit of spending this weekend and I am going to wear my top from French Connection, skirt from Motel, shoes from Office, bag from Debenhams…blah blah blah…with pride. And I bet I get compliments muahaha.

Moral: never judge an item of clothing by its label.

Lots of love,

An unintentional and ashamed snob